MBM 3-Stage Meditation


Meditation and Mindfulness have been shown to have incredible benefits for the body and the mind.
The video below is a recording of me, David, delivering what I call my “3 Stage” meditation.  
So named because it grew out of the 3 Step Breathing Space meditation that is taught as part of the Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course.
Inspired by structure of that practice, this longer 10 minute mindful meditation expands upon and deepens these ideas.
I use this meditation in workshops, classes and even in 1-2-1 sessions and it’s always had a great response.  So much so that people have asked me to provide a recorded version, like I did for my self-actualised body scan meditation, and so here it is.
You may find it useful to practice during a busy working day, in the evening when you are trying to switch off, or even to help you go to sleep.

David EllardComment