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Well - What a loaded term!

Wellness today has come to mean different things in different environments, ranging from quackery to highly structured evidence-based research.

It can range from adding a bowl of fruit to staff common areas to the architecture and design of entire buildings.

At its heart, Wellness in the Workplace means paying consideration to the human needs of the people working in that environment.  Supporting their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs to encourage a flourishing and engaged workforce.

Leaders interested in engendering wellness need to really care for those they lead, they are responsible for mobilising, inspiring and recharging the energy of the people they lead.

Supporting these needs can and will improve productivity, and the bottom line, but the goal must be for more than that it must be to create a quality of life, a wellness environment that reaches out and supports every member of the organisation.

The Practicalities

Well Lady

However, when considering how to support Wellness in your organisation it can be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Many of the trappings of the nascent Wellness industry can be off-putting in a place of work.

That’s why it can be useful to reach out to a specialist to help gain some guidance in understanding what Wellness means in your, company, school, hospital, or small business.

That’s where Mind and Body Movements Wellness Consulting Service can be of use to you.

Consulting Options

Using a Wellness Consultant can assist in anything from a chat to understand the specific Wellness challenges of your environment followed by some simple suggestions and guidance for the future, to building complete wellness programs and analysing program data.

Whatever the Wellness challenges your organisation is facing, speaking to a specialist consultant is be the first step to solving them and building that quality of life for your workforce.

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