A Self-Activated Body Scan


The video directly below is a 12 minute body scan meditation.  It is designed to act as a guided meditation which will leave you feeling soft and relaxed in body and mind.


I recorded this body scan at the request of some of the teachers to whom I teach yoga for relaxation, having talked them through it at the end of class on a number of occasions.

There were requests for copies that they could use at home, and also in the classroom with children.  So I’m making this available for anybody to use if they find it useful.

A note on this form of Body Scan

There are many different versions of a body scan type meditation, I teach and practice different ones myself.

This particular body scan I refer to as “self-activated”, insomuch as I’m asking the participant to gently tell themselves to relax, rather than telling you to relax myself.  We also ask each part of the body to relax three times, in slightly different ways.

Both of these techniques are designed to bring engagement from people who normally struggle to relax, certainly if they are told to relax by other people! 

I hope you enjoy it, and find it useful.

If you have any feedback please leave it below, also any further requests for different types of recorded meditations. 

Music Attribution

The music on this video comes from: http://audionautix.com/ and is used with permission.


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