More on Podcasts!

Having written about The Guilty Feminist podcast episode on yoga it got me thinking about podcasts in general and wanting to share some of my favourites.  
Two categories here, firstly podcasts to listen to during exercise, and secondly podcasts with something interesting to say about the world of health and fitness.

During Exercise


I don’t listen to podcasts when I’m lifting weights or doing yoga, if I have anything on of those times it is just music.
When I do listen to podcasts however is during cardio sessions.  Running, hiking, cycling that type of thing*.
What I’m looking is something that keeps my brain occupied and entertained, but doesn’t matter if I zone in and out of a little bit.  Here are a few suggestions:

Wittertainment – AKA - The Five Live Film Show
A BBC institution.  Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo use the framework of films to chat and bicker in an interesting and life affirming way.  Always a good length with the podcast extras, this one will keep you going on a long run.

Fighting Talk
This one is almost a guilty pleasure. I really love Fighting Talk, especially now it’s back presented by Colin Murray, who was born to do this. If you’re not familiar with it, it is a BBC radio sports quiz.
To me.  This show is the acceptable face of banter.  :-)
I get to listen to a silly and often genuinely funny show about sport, but one where the host is definitely one of the good guys with good values.

Answer Me This logo

Answer Me This
This long-running podcasting institution has a simple format.  Readers send in their questions, and the hosts Helen and Olly answer them.
With their witty, wry and amusing chat, the joy is the hosts.  Not comedians, they aren’t looking to fire off a punchline, they are ‘just’ entertaining people you can really enjoy spending time with.

*  Safety Note.  At the risk of stating the obvious, having headphones in when you’re exercising outside significantly reduces your ability to perceive what is going on around you.  Be sensible and make sure you’re not putting yourself at risk 

About Exercise/Health/Fitness

Perhaps, slightly perversely, I don’t listen to any of these while actually exercising.
When I’m listening to the shows, I want to pay attention.  There’s a good likelihood I’m going to learn something, so personally I listen to these shows while walking the dog or driving.

Yoga Uncensored
There are a number of yoga podcasts out there, and I’m sort of working my way through them at the moment.  To be completely honest I’ve not really found any that I completely love, but this show from two American yoga teachers is the one I’ve enjoyed most so far.  (Although I would definitely recommend skipping the first few episodes and starting with their later work.)
What I like about this is the down-to-earth and practical nature of the teachers, and I have managed to pick up a few interesting ideas and concepts that take into my practice and teaching.  Which was what I was looking for.

Nutrition Facts with Doctor Gregor
I’m a big fan of Dr Gregor.  He wrote the book “How not to die”.  (Yes it’s a ludicrous title, but the hyperbole is deliberate - so I will let him off.  ;-) )
Dr Gregor (or Doctor Broccoli as he is known in my house) dedicates himself to bringing nutritional science to the mainstream.  In this new podcast he looks at a particular piece of research in the realm of nutrition and health.  (Then explains, in pretty much every circumstance, how eating broccoli will make it somewhat better.  ;-) )
What I like about his work is while it does have the position of supporting a whole food plant-based eating in general, he isn’t overly reductive about it and you can see that he actively tries to manage confirmation bias.  He primarily presents you with raw data from the scientists and lets you start to draw your own conclusions.
(PS - I now eat more broccoli, and other vegetables than I used to…)

Rich Roll Running

The Rich Roll Podcast
Take this one with a pinch of salt.  I’m very much pick and choose my episodes with this.
Rich is a vegan ultra-runner, a recovering addict, and a spiritual “seeker”.  The format is that he interviews a person whom he finds interesting in the broader “wellness” space.
This podcast was recommended to me originally by a CEO, who liked the innovative entrepreneurs, and endurance athletes being interviewed on the show.
I find Rich is acting extremely engaging and interesting host and interviewer, but whether or not a given episode is of any interest whatsoever to me depends entirely on the person being interviewed.
I’ve turned episodes off and I skip many of the episodes, but I’ve also found some of the interviews challenging some of my preconceptions in a really interesting way, and I’ve found some of the interviews with people really teaching me interesting things about Gut Flora, Meditation Practices, or the Juice Industry.

Doc and Jock
Another Podcast I tend to cherry pick episodes that interest me from.
These two American Coaches work in the functional fitness space.
I’m not so interested when they talk to competing crossfitters, but they’ve done some really interesting programs on stability and stability exercises that I’ve found really useful.


So, there we go a selection of podcasts that you might find of interest.
If you have any suggestions for other good yoga podcasts, or indeed any other podcasts in this space please do share them below.