Corporate Wellness Seminars


Responsible companies know that a happy healthy workforce, in both mind and body, is great for staff managers and the bottom line alike.

In response, budget resource is often allocated for corporate wellness, but, especially for us in the United Kingdom, it’s often a mystery as to how to effectively bring wellness concepts into the office.

About MBM Wellness Workshops

Here at MBM, our Corporate Wellness Workshops are taught by our founder David Ellard, and designed to meet the needs of the modern workforce. 

David combines vast experience and training in a number of different physical and mental disciplines, with 15+ years’ experience delivering practical, technical training to the staff and management of business organisations all over the world. 

These disciplines include:

  • Yoga
  • Aikido (The Japanese martial art of harmony or “Ai”)
  • Qi Gong (The ancient Chinese healthcare system)
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Meditation/Mindfulness

 Course Quote

Thank you for the course, everyone got lots out of it both on the day, and for the future.  
I loved how everyone grew together during the session too - great team-building.  Thanks again."
AS - Business Manager MK

Workshop Format

Each workshop is designed with the goals and needs of your business and your staff in mind. They can run from individual one or half day workshop sessions, to 6 week guided programs.

However, while the exact details may change the overriding purpose of these workshops is to
work with the staff in your organisation to:

  • Reduce stress and learn some simple mindful relaxation techniques that can be applied anywhere.  Even at the desk.
  • Learn harmonisation and peaceful conflict resolution techniques
  • Improve fitness and flexibility, and of course
  • Get fitter, get healthier, and get happier!



   Course Quote

(David is) "a hugely experienced teacher of intuition and great sensitivity."
JT - YMCA London


If you'd like to organise a MBM Corporate Wellness Workshop at your place of work, or ask any further questions, please get in touch using the form below:


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