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Be honest with me…

Are you a little nervous about going to your first yoga class?

Perhaps you’ve heard or read about the benefits of yoga and you want to get involved, but there is a little nervousness or anxiety about what to expect and whether you will be able to keep up.

The popularity of yoga means that it is often taught in relatively large classes, which can sometimes seem to be full of experts who know their "Downward Dogs" from their "Warriors".

In addition, depending upon the individual class, there is likely to be little time for giving extra guidance and support to a new practitioner.

The upshot of this is that it means that the barrier to starting yoga can seem just that little bit higher and more intimidating than it should be. 

The Yoga Primer

This is where the Yoga Primer comes in.                        

The Yoga Primer consists of two personalised one-to-one 90 minute sessions, the purpose of which are to:

  • (briefly) introduce the basic ideas of yoga
  • provide instruction on a number of the basic foundational postures used in yoga
  • ensure that you can perform these postures in a way that is safe and complementary for your body
  • introduce the idea of connecting or linking postures
  • provide some experience of the relaxation and mindful elements of yoga

These sessions will not make you an expert in yoga!

But they will give you the confidence to walk into a yoga class at your local gym/studio/village hall knowing that you have some basic knowledge about how to safely get the best out of yoga for you and your body.


The Yoga Primer costs £100 and can take place either in your home or at the Studio in the Fusion Health Club, hosted at the National Badminton Centre in Milton Keynes.

This club offers clean and comfortable changing facilities including a Towel Service and Sauna.  

National Badminton Centre
Bradwell Road,
Loughton Lodge, 
Milton Keynes, 


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