School Stress Buster Yoga

Working in a school has always been a vocation that while having immense rewards, also comes with particular all-consuming intense stresses.  Teacher recruitment and retention is becoming increasingly difficult, as is the challenge of keeping all members of staff healthy and happy.

Many schools now offer complimentary programming to support the health and welfare of the students, but without the teachers, teaching assistants, administrators and other team members functioning as well as they can, no school is going to succeed in its educational goals.

Mind and Body Movement have put together the MBM School Stress Buster Yoga Course specifically for school staff and in response to feedback from friends and clients in the teaching profession. By listening to how yoga and mindful movement were helping them manage the rigours of their roles we have created a series of sessions that both improve physical fitness and flexibility, while simultaneously reducing stress.  Leaving participants fitter, healthier and happier.  As is the MBM mission!

Course format

The MBM School Stress Buster Yoga Course is designed to run for 10 weeks with a break for half term meaning that it fits neatly into a term.
The course will take place on school premises utilising either a school hall or other classroom space.  The course is only open to staff of the school in question.

The timing of the course is open for arrangement, but it is designed to run directly after the working day so that participants can take this time to concentrate on their own health and welfare before they leave for the evening.


There is a myriad of research available on the effectiveness of yoga both as a tool of fitness, of its health benefits and most especially of its powers of stress and anxiety reduction.

A selection of such general articles would include:

Furthermore, the concept of yoga for schooling professionals is well established in some districts in America and below are some links discussing the benefits of this process:

More Information

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Taking time for you

Taking time for you

I LOVE after school Yoga (with MBM).  It has helped me find some "me time".  
I feel great during and more relaxed afterwards.   
Plus, David's teaching makes me feel safe and secure.

'Single Mother of 2 & TA', Milton Keynes


"I breath in, I breath out" - Taking a moment just to be.

"I breath in, I breath out" - Taking a moment just to be.

I get my best sleep of the week - by far! - after our yoga (at school) evening.

'Teacher of 30+ years experience' 

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