Personal Training


A cornerstone of our offering here at Mind and Body Movement is our Private 1-2-1 and small group personal training sessions.

The purpose and content of these sessions is arrived at by treating each client as an individual.  I want to work with you to understand what your fitness and wellness goals are.  To build a personal, complimentary, and multi-disciplinary program that best meets those needs.

I specialise in working with busy people who are perhaps looking to return to fitness after an injury, or a long absence.  I treat all of my clients as individuals and I promise I will never send you away with a standardised training program printed off the Internet or from a computer program.

Utilising my experience from many different complimentary disciplines my goal is to help you get fit, get healthy, and most of all get happy.

How it works

After understanding your personal health and fitness goals, we will build a program of exercise, movement and nutrition that fits in with you and your busy life.

Depending upon what works best for you, our sessions might consist of:

  • Regular, but varied, workout sessions together.  Keeping you motivated and facing different challenges.
  • Personal 1-2-1 yoga practice, possibly including led relaxation and meditation. 
  • The creation of, and safe instruction on, home workout out routines to carry out over a period of time.

Or, very commonly, of a mix of these over time.

The Venue


My primary venue for personal training sessions is the fantastic and well appointed Fusion Health Club, hosted at the National Badminton Centre in Milton Keynes.

This quiet club offers two different Gym spaces and a Studio Room that we can use, as well as clean and comfortable changing facilities including a Towel Service and Sauna.  

National Badminton Centre
Bradwell Road,
Loughton Lodge, 
Milton Keynes, 


Pricing is variable depending upon the details of the training that we devise together.  However, the majority of my clients purchase blocks of 5 training sessions at the price of £225.  (But please be aware that discounts are available for the unwaged, and people in low-wage caring industries)

If you are interested in “becoming a better you” then take the first step by giving me a call on 07854192127 (just tap on your mobile) or by getting in touch using the form below - and let’s begin this journey together.

I wish i'd started training with David years ago!
I've got more energy and I feel better all the time!

40 Something Gentleman - MK

Stick figure picture - personal trainer and client doing a plank
I've loved learning new things.  Every workout is different and I never get bored.

Leighton Buzzard Lady

Yoga tuition - stick figure of David Ellard helping with warrior two


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