School INSET Wellness Days 


Wellbeing Programs to Support Teachers and Students

The MBM INSET day program has been carefully designed to meet two of the pressing needs of modern day teaching.

  1. Stress Management and Resilience Education for School Staff

  2. Training Teachers on Relaxation and Emotional Wellbeing Techniques that can be simply and easily applied in the Classroom

Stress Management and Resilience Education for School Staff


No one would argue with the fact that teaching is stressful. Not only is the work highly challenging, teachers are also frequently underpaid, undervalued, and subject to harsh scrutiny.

Indeed, according to a survey by England's Health and Safety Executive in 2000, teaching is the most stressful occupation there is, and a recent paper from the National Union of Teachers highlights of research into stress levels amongst teachers, showing that stress is a very real and growing problem in the profession.

Without strategies for managing stress and building resilience to stressful situations these pressures can lead to serious and wide-ranging consequences on teachers physical and mental health, and directly impact on their students.

Recent studies have shown that teacher stress not only causes a problem for the teachers themselves, but impacted their students stress levels through a contagion effect.  With student stress levels impacting learning this can directly hurt the quality of education in the classroom.

Students learn better in a climate that is more emotionally positive and less stressful, and studies have shown a clear link between positive emotional classroom climates and academic achievement.

The MBM INSET day program will teach the participants about how to recognise stress and its effects.  It will take the attendees through a series of exercises that have been proven both by centuries of tradition and by scientific research to reduce stress and increase relaxation, and it will furnish the participants with some simple “take-home” exercises that they can use in day-to-day life at home or at school.

Training Teachers on Relaxation and Emotional Wellbeing Techniques for the Classroom

In addition to looking after their own physical and mental wellbeing, today’s teachers must look to care for the mental well-being of their students. 

Anxiety relating to “high-stakes” testing has been shown to produce physical responses such as (but not limited to), sudden arousal, heart palpitations, sweating, dizziness, hyperventilating, and tense muscles, as well as reducing academic performance.

Relaxation techniques and Mindfulness exercises have been shown in numerous studies (see footnotes for examples) to both reduce stress and anxiety amongst children, and increase academic performance.

Furthermore, research has also shown that these type of techniques have produced a beneficial impact upon absenteeism, rule infractions, and suspension rates in adolescents.

The MBM INSET day program will educate teaching staff as to the value of these practices and train the participants on some simple, proven techniques that can be directly transferred to the classroom environment.

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